1. Dear John, I know erotic massage is legal and I do not have commitments to a partner. Still, I would like to have maximum discretion. Can you give me that?
Sure we can do that. Discretion is the essence of our business. If we could give you reference of all of our customers, they would unanimously confirm that discretion is guaranteed. Our lips are sealed!

2. Dear John, I live in Beijing in a mansion with a concierge and porters. I do not like my concierge and neighbours to know I use massage services. How can we do that?
Well, first of all, if you don’t tell them they will never know and we will not tell them either. Secondly, our masseur dress and behave very discreet. They will not stick out of the crowd. It will be just another visitor entering the building

3. Dear John, last year I had a masseur from one of your competitors. he was absolutely looking gorgeous. But he was dressed so obvious. People must have thought he was an escort. I felt really embarrassed. I come to Beijing next month again. What will you do to prevent a situation as I explained above?
I fully understand how you must have felt. Indeed there are boys who simply do not get it. And their agency usually doesn’t care either. Rest assured, discretion is paramount in our agency. Actually, discreet looks is one of the main criterions in our selection process.

4. Dear John, I live in South West Beijing, I use your services for quite a while now. But I wonder what happens to my personal details that I have to provide upon making a booking?
Your personal identifiable details are destroyed after your booking, according to the CN Data protection Act.

5. Dear John, I live permanently in the beijing. I book a beijing massage every 2 weeks. I provide the number of the landline of my beijing apartment. Can you guarantee that your people will never call me on this number?
Other than an immediate return of your call when you make the reservation, we will never call your home.

6. Dear John, I live in a flat in central Beijing. The street is quite narrow. I seem to have a few nosy neighbours. I understand your masseur arrive by taxi. Can I request that the taxi stops at least 100 meters away from my address? Just for my privacy and discretion.
I appreciate your question. Your request is well motivated and reasonable. Just mention that to our receptionist when you make a booking and he will inform the masseur for an extra discrete arrival.

7. Dear John, I usually stay in a 5 star hotel in the centre of Beijing. The elevators in the hotel work only with a key-card. Therefore only hotel personnel and registered hotel guests can access the elevators. I know this is for my security. But visitors, like your masseur have to report at reception and ask for me. The reception will then phone me to approve the visitor. How will your boys deal with this? I do not want the hotel people to think I hire masseur in my room. I hope you understand.
I fully understand your concern. Fortunately, most of the Beijing hotels have still easy access to their floors. In a situation like yours, you do not have to worry. Our masseurs will be discreet at the reception desk in order not to compromise your discretion.

8. Dear John, every week I spend two nights in Beijing for my business. I always use your services and am very happy. I have a special request for my next booking. I would like the masseur to be in my room before I arrive, straight from a business dinner. So he can already prepare the room for the massage and fill the bath with hot water. I would love he to wash me. What do you suggest?
That sounds like a plan! Just inform our receptionist when you make your booking. he will take good note of your special request and relay the details to the masseur. The only thing you have to do is inform the hotel reception of your visitor and instruct them to provide him with a key card to your hotel room.

9. Dear John, I read about your website a few times. Good reviews. And I love your sensual massage movie. Next month I visit Beijing on a business trip. I have a very stressful job. I think erotic massage can be very good for me to take away my stress. But I am very reluctant to provide personal details like my real name and cell phone number. Do you really need those details?
Unfortunately for you we do. We can not send any masseur to mister John Doe. But rest assured your discretion is paramount. We have a reputation to keep.

10. Dear John, I have spoken to you a few times when you were in the office. You sound like a very handsome and friendly person to me. I bet you are a fantastic masseur too. Would it be possible to request that you will become my personal masseur? I feel very secure with you and I feel you are the only one I can trust with my personal details.
I feel very flattered and honoured. But my job is to run the day to day operations. I am sorry I can not service you personally. But I will personally make sure that you always have the best masseur to satisfy your needs.